Why choose adaptive design over a version for mobiles?

Why choose adaptive design over a version for mobiles?

Four main reasons to choose adaptive web design for a particular website

The adaptive web design is a relatively new tendency and one of the main indications for the quality of a particular web site.

According to the English terminology, responsive web design is an adaptive web design for web pages that ensures an excellent user experience on a variety of devices connected to the Internet. Thanks to this type of design, a website can be visualized on different devices, irrespective of resolution and screen size – smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. The main purpose is to visualize web page content on the device on which the page is viewed.

In contrast to the mobile applications used by most webmasters to visualize the content of their webpages, with adaptive web design we have a single web address, a single design, and a single content management system. The fact that the technology is new and that there are not enough experienced professionals with the right level of experience for the development of adaptive web sites is a debatable drawback.

Regardless, the advantages of an adaptive web design are a sufficient argument for us to consider having an adaptive website. These are:

  • The variety of devices from which we browse the web. These devices have different screen sizes and resolution, which means that it is very important for a particular web site to look good and visualize in a correct way for each user, irrespective of what type of device is being used to access the site’s content.
  • The growing popularity of mobile devices with access to the Internet and the rise in mobile traffic. With the rising popularity of mobile devices, the number of people visiting websites through them is also growing. This means that we can no longer ignore them.
  • Information concerning emergencies. If a particular website contains news or emergencies, it is very likely that the user will access the information though his cellphone as most likely he will not possess any other device at the time. Respectively, it is very important to ensure users have all the possible means to access the information they are looking for when they need it.
  • Adaptive appearance 3 in 1 with just one website, web address and design for all types of devices.