Website redesign

Website redesign

Every website owner has to consider web design at some point. The web project may have existed for many years, the owner of the website maintains it in the usual way, the clients are still satisfied, but sometimes the need for web redesign is all too obvious.


7 reason to consider redesign:


  1. The age of the website – Sometimes this issue is reason enough to consider redesign, even if you think that at this stage everything looks perfect. In order for you to follow the trends in web design, redesign is required every 2 or 3 years. However, life not always grants you the opportunity to move forward the projects necessary for your success. In our case this is very important because the websites we developed are not something temporary. Besides, once completed, they are very well accepted by the client, and their interface is easily accessible and manageable. It could be even the case that the website has already managed to rank among the top 10 websites for its keywords. All of these factors are reasons that force us to postpone redesign. But let us reconsider the following case more seriously: If our website has been in existence for 5 or more years, it is old enough and we are in need of a redesign, if not for this reason than for the fact that our competitors are already developing new designs for their websites. You should be the best in what you do and all the others should follow in your footsteps as you stand as an example for them.

  2. The website is already quite old and unappealing to its audience, which in turn reduces revenue. This is the most basic reason and as a rule its owner should take the necessary steps to solve this problem. Despite this obvious problem, sometimes the website owner needs more convincing in order to consider redesign seriously.

  3. Online competition and the new missions the business must accomplish. For example, the company grows, enlarges its market segment as well as the range of its products, adapts new technologies, and even improves its competitiveness. The website must reflect on all this. Just one more example – image that previously you had been in possession of an online shop, which presented its auditory with basic information for the firm and its location. But today each online shop has its own “must have” category. Additionally, the functionality of each web project for online shopping should develop further in order to reflect on all the changes in the world of online shopping. And the real competitive struggle for more clients is happening right here – on the Internet. Examine the websites of your competitors and consider whether you should have opted for redesign long ago.

  4. The technical progress. Today Internet itself is quite a formidable driving force. The Web is behind all the major developments in all spectrums of life. For example, if today exists only a single browser, after some time there will be several. We have not yet grasped the fact that there are a number of browsers already. What we should pay attention to here is that your webpage must visualize equally well on all of them. If presently your website only displays on desktop devices, today the users browse the Web using their mobile phones too. All this means that the website’s owner should consider to redesign his web project in order to take into account all these important changes.

  5. Web design tendencies. A company should have a modern website which corresponds to the expectations of its visitors so that it can ensure an easy contact between the company and its clients. There have been a lot of new terms lately, like infographics, usability, landing pages, web design, vertical scrolling, icons, social networks, authorization and so on. How long ago was your website developed?

  6. The ways in which a website is used. In recent times there were a lot of changes related to the option for a website to analyze user behavior. Taking into account this behavior and the constant development, through partial or complete modernization of the website, we are capable of giving the maximum a visitor requires. For example, if a single online shop has had a simple description of an item, now we know that this is no longer enough. We are in need of a range of merchandise, photos, user instructions, social media buttons and so on. What is more, it is very important that we maintain an easy navigation and consider where it should stand in the overall design so that we can make the most out of its functionality. Sometimes a small or unappealing purchase button or a very long process for completing an order can lead to its rejection. You should make a true assessment for your online shop from the standpoint of a potential client.

  7. Content management system. This is an important element which requires constant modernization – do not overlook it! If you are unable to change something in your website or the process of presenting new content in it are difficult for you, think again if the time hasn’t come for a new navigation section for your website.