Mobile website or an application – what should we choose?

Mobile website or an application – what should we choose?

When should you choose a website adapted to mobile devices and when to opt for a mobile application?

Your choice should depend on what you aim to accomplish. Most applications have rich functionality, but require constant funding for advertising, whereas the mobile websites with adaptive web design are capable of reaching up to a bigger audience without any extra marketing strategies for mobile searches.

The first step into the mobile industry should be the development of a website, capable of adapting itself to the screen size of any device connected to the internet. This way the website can reach up to a larger audience, and it can be optimized for search engines and shared in social networks. The adaptive website is easily modified afterwards and can be transformed into an application with its own database. It is even easier to attract targeted traffic towards landing pages, advertising and selling products, and services.

But if you rely on rich functionality for the products you sell online, it would be better to opt for mobile applications for them. If your niche requires that you interact with visitors or it offers games, it would be appropriate to consider an application. In case you desire to offer a service or product that does not require an uninterrupted internet connection, you should consider an application.

In conclusion we will sum up all the features you may require that can direct you to the most appropriate choice for you related to your mobile users.

Mobile website with adaptive web design

  • instantaneous access
  • compatibility with all devices
  • easily discoverable
  • option for social media sharing
  • always active
  • minimal costs for development and a one-time payment
  • easily manageable without extra costs – from a personal blog to an online shop

Mobile applications

  • necessity for download an installation
  • require separate versions for different types of devices
  • limited to an App Store like Google Play and Apple Store
  • no option for social media sharing
  • most applications are only active for a month or so
  • the maintenance requires an investment in time and money
  • necessity for constant development and actualizations
  • rich functionality