Making of a website with an adaptive design

Making of a website with an adaptive design

In just one sentence – adaptive web design is a web technology used in the development of websites for ensuring the correct visualization on a range of devices from desktop to smartphone.

The development of an adaptive website ensures that your web project will easily communicate with potential clients, a rise in profits, places accent on mobile users and widens the client base of your business.


Several facts concerning mobile internet:

- 27 percent of all telephone subscribers access Internet via their mobile phones;

- the rise in the number of mobile devises used for browsing the internet has risen by 18% in just one year;

- 40% of this number are between the age of 20 and 38;

- 53% make online purchases on a monthly basis;


When your website adopts adaptive design, you reap benefits from the following:

  1. Your SEO is better optimized – Google grants you bonus points. According to an official statement from the company, its robots prefer to crawl adaptive websites. Therefore, with just one decision you solve three issues: better user experience, search rank improvement and in the same time rise in profits.

  2. Rise in profits – the adaptive web design generates the right version of a site for the users. This feature makes it attractive and convenient for use on a mobile device and also facilitates the purchase of a product.

  3. You save money for the development of yet another mobile application which will certainly require extra expenses for promotion. It is not necessary to invest additional funds for advertising the website for mobile users. The adaptive design is your 3 in 1 investment – one website with one version and one look for all devices from desktop computer to smartphone.


The popularity of adaptive web design continues to grow, claims Mike Murphy, a GKF analyst:


“Just one year ago the adaptive websites were an exception, and now they are considered a rule. Today many people know what these sites are and what are the benefits associated with them – instead of three or four versions of an online show window, you can have just one.”


Google is fond of the fact that the mobile and the desktop version of a website resides on one address, using the same HTML code, which facilitates indexing and improves its quality.